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Welcome To Premier Galvanizers

Service providerof Engineering, Fabricators & Hot-Dip Galvanizer

Our mission is to provide best quality hot dip Galvanized product to our clients. We are currently dealing with all types of company from SSI to limited company and successfully fulfilling all of their demands.

We believe in reducing manufacturing and overhead costs without compromising the quality of material, resulting we can provide quality products in best possible price.

OUR Product

Hot Dip Galvanized MS Cable Trays

Cable Trays are especially suited for laying out of the electrical as well as instrumentation power cable for the power connection on various stage in the plant. We are widely known for designing Hot Dip Galvanized Perforated Type Cable Trays that are highly durable and the holes provide necessary ventilation. These are suited for heavy..

MS structural items

Structures items are used to support power grid components and electrical equipments. Sub-Station Structures shall be fabricated from latticed angles, Pipes, Plates … etc. A common definition for sub-station structure..


Galvanizing Job Work Services

We undertake galvanizing works for various public and private sectors like railways, telecommunications and power etc. Well-organized and highly advance infrastructure plays..

Galvanizing Consultant Services

With an expertise of our vast experience in this field we have installed and commissioned Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants for our valued customers..