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Hot Dip Galvanized MS Earthing Flats and Plates

Earthing Flats and Plates are to be used for earthing and lightening protection. A well designed earthing system is essential to ensure protection of personnel and equipment from danger associated with fault current. To achieve an efficient earthing system, it is essential that a low electrical resistance to earth is achieved using good quality conductor with sufficient cross sectional areas to carry the expected current flow. The conductors must also have a high corrosion resistance. Earth resistance should be regularly checked. Corrosion and fault current can cause high resistance joints leading to overheating. However if an earth system Is correctly installed and maintained well, it should last for many years.

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Copper & Alluminium Earth Strips

Copper & Alluminium Earth Plate

Solid Copper Lattice Mat

Earth Electrodes

Flexible Copper Braid Bonds